Narita Boy : A good vibe of 80’s pixels

HA! Welcome to our first Platypus Game Review installment by your game critic: Platygamer!

In the future, this section will cover promising upcoming games, classic goldies and current game review. We will pay attention in particular to cool concepts either on the game design side or just ideas and graphical features!

For our first installment, we’re going to present the newly discovered Narita Boy. We were were blown away by the trailer featured below. The two minutes of video are accompanied by some groovy retro beats and show an amazing Sci-Fi world full of nostalgia but also some incredible fresh originality.

The game is described as a “Retro futurist hack-n-slash/exploration pixel game” where the player incarnates as Narita boy – a legendary hero who must join the digital kingdom to find the Techno sword; the only weapon powerful enough to defeat the dark stallions.

Although Narita Boy is currently developed by the Spanish team Studio-Koba, we can see some of the inspiration the founder Eduardo Fonieles brought back from his work in the japanese video game industry. The small glimpse we get of the game is a contemplative and spiritual exploration of a rich and weird universe full of hovering floppy discs, meditating droids and rainbow swords.

“Narita Boy starts as a classic 80s plot in a distant and weird dimension to evolve to a more complex and unique gaming experience. Narita Boy offers pure handcrafted pixel design, rich animations, unexpected plot turns and an incomparable style that combines the past and present of video games”.

Eduardo Fornieles, Director of Studio Koba.

They started their Kickstarter Campaign (link) a few days ago and it’s already half funded. Go check it out it, it’s well worth it !

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