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Submission rules

Hello there! You want to be part of our little magazine? Awesome! Do you have something to share with us? Here are a few rules to help you along:

  1. It has to be a your own creation (be fair don’t steal the work of others).
  2. We accept various types of articles. Here is a non-exhaustive example list:
  • Opinion piece
  • Short stories (with or without illustrations)
  • Music / Remix (should link to your own online account, e.g. soundcloud)
  • Comics, illustrations, painting, drawings, etc.
  • Reviews – including but not only:
    • Bars or Places
    • Concerts
    • Tech
    • Games
  • Recipes – including but not only:
    • Cooking
    • DIY crafts

Please send us either a PDF or a word document of your text as well as your picture in the form of a downloadable link (e.g. fileshare). If it is your first submission please consider a short submission.

We like to rage, but we do it in a way that respects others and we reserve the right to not accept any submission we think is unsuitable. Before sending us your creation please make sure that it is not offensive or aggressive in any way (including but not only: no pornography, no racism, no homophoby, etc.)

You get it!

We are excited to see your contributions people!

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