Woohoo the Raging Platypus No. 3 is officially happening! We have reached our target!




Yes, you read that correctly, our Kickstarter campaing is now funded and the Raging Platypus No.3 will be delivered to our awesome backers!
Thank you to all you lovely backers who have supported us on this journey. We have seen a glimpse of the Raging Platypus future and it is full of wonderful articles and creativity! We’re excited to dig in and put together one awesome issue.

What you haven’t ordered your copy yet?!
Well, have no fear! There is still one week to go on the Kickstarter campaign and there are lots of magazines that would love an owner. If you would like your very own copy, head over to the Kicstarter page (http://kck.st/2dKJrHr) and choose your pledge. Don’t miss out, this is the final chance to secure your very own Raging Paltypus No. 3!

Do you want to be part of the online Raging Platypus community?
You have lots of creative ideas but don’t have your own website? Didn’t have time to write a contribution for the third edition of the magazine? You can’t wait until January when your magazine will arrive? We have a solution for you! Send us a short article, photo story, illustration or recipe and we will feature it on the Raging Platypus online community. It can be very short, spontanious or even a work in progress that you can update over time. Simply email us on ragingplatypus.magazine@gmail.com and of course check out the website.

Have a wonderful and creative weekend!

The very happy Raging Platypus Editors
Sara & Adrien

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