The Raging Platypus is a collaborative magazine where people from around the world can publish their photos, opinion articles, short stories, recipes, comics and other creative content. We hope to create a community where people from around the world can publish and share their talent.

The website

The idea behind the website is to have a publishing platform where we can feature some of the work published in the printed magazines, but more importantly to continue publishing content in between printed editions. The articles can be short or long, single images of doodles you want to share, reviews of a concert or restaurant, we’ll also accept shameless self promotion! For more information about hot to contribute got to our ‘Submit an article’ page.

A little history

The idea of making the Raging Platypus Magazine was born in 2015, when we realized we were surrounded by passionate and creative friends! Initially, we wanted to collect our creativity in a nice book, but it quickly became more than that. It became an opportunity to offer a wider community the chance to display their creations and see them printed within a collection, with other like-minded people!

So far there have been three printed editions of the Raging Platypus Magazine that accompany the website. We published Raging Platypus N° 1 in the summer of 2015, the very first prototype of our collective mash up. It had 50 pages and contributions from around a dozen people. We featured amazing pictures from Ethiopia, a love story to the local neighborhood, kitchen and cocktail recipes, music content and more!

The Raging Platypus N° 2 followed soon after at the end of 2015. This time we expanded; we introduced short stories, more comics, more photo reportages and opinion articles! The second issue was the product of more than twenty people in a beautiful 100 page softcover magazine.

We learnt a lot from our first two editions; both editing and attention to detail, but most importantly that people want to keep contributing to the Raging Platypus! Our little community kept expanding, and soon we were ready for the Raging Platypus N° 3. We decided to turn to Kickstarter to fund the third issue and after a very successful campaign we published a beautiful magazine with 31 contributions and over 100 pages.

And don’t worry The Raging Platypus N° 4 will be along soon enough!

Past Raging Platypus Magazines

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A small glimpse of the past RP magazines