[Concert reviews] Lutopia Orchestra

The joy of discovering awesome new bands

One of my favourite things about living in Bremen has been the wealth of new music and bands that I’ve been introduced to. Admittedly most of them are yet to be discovered and make it big, but there are definitely some gems in my growing collection of signed CDs. I especially love going to gigs in small venues, because it gives me the chance to practice my people photography skills!


Last month we went to a concert in Hamburg, and as is often the case I hadn’t heard of the band – a Finnish humppa band Eläkeläiset – before or really known what to expect. They were fun and created a great vibe through the whole concert, but for me the real surprise came from the support band – Lutopia Orchestra.

The concert venue was more or less empty to begin with, most people still hanging out by the bar outside. We’d made our way in, to find a good spot and managed to get right in front. The support band came on stage – two people, Antonia on bass and Toni with about 5 different guitars, a harmonica, drum by his feet and a trombone. Within a minute of them starting their first song, I knew this was going to be something great. And so did the audience, because the room filled up with incredible speed and the vibe of the place became electric! It’s difficult to place them in a specific genre; their songs are funky, upbeat and unique. The fact that Toni is constantly changing instruments means the show is really interesting, but must of all they both have a great stage presence and contact with the audience. Would definitely recommend seeing them live, but until then here are some photos.

Lutopia Orchestra

Until next time!
– Sara

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