[Concert reviews] Animal House in Papp

You can tell that summertime has arrived in Bremen when the number of concerts and events suddenly increases. Of course, summer in Bremen is not necessarily connected with the arrival of warm weather, but rather with longer days and the will of people to get out and do things. A bar that we’ve been visiting a lot recently is the Papp – a tiny bar with a huge atmosphere! Our regular followers will recognise this is where the Platy Party is taking place tomorrow! They have hosted so many amazing concerts in the past few months and I would really encourage a visit, if you find yourself wandering around Bremen.

The most recent concert we went to was by Animal House, when they kicked off their European tour. They’re originally from Brisbane, Australia but now live in Brighton, UK. The band describe their music as “Sweet garage pop rock bangas” and that’s exactly what it is. Infectiously up beat, you can’t help but dance and jump around to it. Being in a small venue definitely added to the great atmosphere and the band themselves create a great vibe with their easy-going attitude and clear love for the music they’re playing. Go see them, enjoy the music and chat with them over a beer!

Animal House @ Papp, Bremen (19.05.2017)

Until next time!
– Sara

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