Blasphemous: the holy pixel purge

In this game review, we will present another pixelated game coming from Spain. Today we are looking at Blasphemous – a sinister rogue like game with incredibly detailed pixel art by the Game Kitchen studio. With our previous article on a similar art style game, Spain is definitely a trove for such artists!

Blasphemous takes place in the land of Orthodoxia. In this world religion is everything to the people, superstitions run amok, and churches outnumber people two to one. You will find yourself in this hellish territory in the wake of the Age of Corruption. You play the penitent one, a rogue character who will purge the evil from the land with his trusty sword.

Oouch, that must hurt!

The game’s atmosphere is dark, gloomy and gory. Twisted creatures will chase you until they rip you apart. The game has been announced to have very “satisfying combat dynamics” and smooth animation for the action seekers. From the video we saw, we believe it. For those who came for the story, the creators also promised a non-linear distribution of the levels with some choices by the player on where to go next, mixed with a coherent story telling system.

A sister of the Our Lady of the Burnt Face, one of the creepy creatures after you

Their Kickstarter campaign just started and it’s very successful. Have a look there to see videos and more pictures of the game. To finish this we leave you with the amazing soundtrack by Carlos Viola, which already puts us in a disturbing world.

And here are some more screenshots from the game. The devil is particularly creepy.

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